DivePro: the brand for affordable dive lights

DIVEPRO, a brand distributed by BERSUB in France and Switzerland, specializes in the manufacture of diving lights.

We offer quality products at affordable prices. We are convinced that our range of products will meet the needs of all divers, whether professional or amateur.

DIVEPRO dive lights are manufactured using the latest technology and the most resistant materials. The design and production team is highly qualified to offer the best products on the market. As divers, we know that diving is an exciting activity, and we're happy to contribute to this community by offering quality products at affordable prices.

Diving for all

Our wide range of products is equally suited to beginners and experts, covering all areas of use. 

"We are proud to work with BERSUB to distribute our products in France and worldwide. We believe that our collaboration will enable us to provide quality products to a greater number of divers, thus contributing to the safety and satisfaction of all diving enthusiasts.. "

PS: Only DIVEPRO products purchased in France and Switzerland are guaranteed by BERSUB. 

BERSUB is the only company in Europe able to carry out repairs on DIVEPRO products.