Lifelines to secure your activities

Athéna designs and manufactures luminous lifelines and other lighted safety products in France.


We have more than 40 years' engineering and industrial expertise in high-security sectors such as aeronautics, defense, energy, space, shipbuilding and transport. We have pooled them to offer a complete range of innovative, highly reliable wired and luminous security tools, both mobile and fixed. Whatever the application, our products deliver optimum performance.


40 years of experience in the service of your safety

We have built our strategy to allow maximum flexibility in our offerings to satisfy the majority of our customers' needs. We have organized ourselves to ensure the technical and technological monitoring necessary for product improvement and future developments.


All this equipment can be used by anyone, depending on their needs, and by any type of operator involved in rescue or investigation operations in difficult, hostile or even dangerous environments.


We offer users portable tools that are robust, reliable, easy to use and immediately available. Thanks to the contribution of a very long, continuous luminescent visual system, installed in just a few minutes, the operator is able to carry out his work with improved safety and minimal stress. In this way, he pushes back the limits of his usual operations.


Our concept: to make it possible to deploy a luminescent visual over long distances in just a few minutes, with a long autonomy of use, thanks to guide lines and beacons of great lengths (from 10 to over 300 meters) and an autonomy of a few hours to several days.

Our equipment is designed for autonomous, long-term marking, signposting and guiding where visibility is lacking, by providing a continuous luminescent visual with brightness adapted to requirements.


Their function is to assist and secure any operator or person who needs effective visual location over long distances, in environments with little or no visibility, in open or closed spaces, on the ground, underground, overhead or underwater.


Luminescent guide lines ensure greater safety and efficiency for the operator. Their strong visual power reduces stress levels. They facilitate communication with the outside world, thanks to several operating modes: continuous, flashing, flashing. Radio communication can be added as an option.


These are top-of-the-range, robust products for professional use. They were developed in collaboration with the BSPP (Brigade des Sapeurs-pompiers de Paris).