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RANGE HD PRO - Technology LED

Diving lamps which use LED high luminosity LEDs, powered by rechargeable cells. These high-end products have a power selector to change the brightness and burn time, as well as a broader yet perfectly homogenous angle of refraction. This is the most powerful LED powered lamp to date: ideal for your exploratory dives and your underwater images.






Recommended Price (VAT included) :

579 €

Secondaries views :

Detailed product file




 luminous flux

   6 LED / 2500 Lumens 

 color temperature

   5700 Kelvins

 burn time

   3h00 at 50%

   1h30 at 100%


   Very high capacity cells of 7.2V/3.8Ah NiMh



   Option to a 90° lens on order


   External charging pins

   Patented safety valve

   Watertight, self-cleaning microswitch

   Hydrogen catalyst

   Moisture sensor

 Output levels

   Off / 100% / 50%

 dEPth Rating

   300 m

 Use out of the water

   Yes, on 50% position


   Marine-quality anodized aluminium alloy coloured body

   Glasse screen Borosilicate




   Fixing on arms by the handle

   Location for GoPro® by tripod mount on the handle

 CHARGing time

   3h30 with rapid charger

   12h00 with standard charger C20


   160x60/70 mm

   Water/400gr - Air/850gr


   2 years - Battery included


   Transport box included  

   Easy system to disconnect the headlight

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